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Alert!! Due to the Coronavirus, all centers will be closed until further notice.

Due to the Coronavirus, all centers will be closed until further notice. Please go to our resource page for immediate assistance and information on COVID-19. Or if you would like to receive phone support during this time, we would love to talk to you. Please call us at 800-374-4198, and we will get back to you.

RPSV will begin hosting group counseling sessions via Zoom beginning on April 1. More information to follow. To reserve your spot, please email Lisa Goodwin at lgoodwin@recoveryprograms.us.

Recovery Program Solutions of Virginia

Welcome to Recovery Program Solutions of Virginia (RPSV)

RPSV has addressed the unmet needs of adults and seniors with mental health and substance abuse issues in Northern Virginia since 2011.

RPSV’s programs maximize participant self-determination; promote access to treatment; and focus on decreasing dependence on psychiatric hospitalizations.

At the 4:30 mark, our own staff member, Nicholas Yacoub was interviewed about the current opioid crisis.

A Focus on Recovery

RPSV’s tagline is “we are those we serve”. This is because Individuals who have recovered from their mental illnesses and substance abuse issues staff RPSV. This unique aspect is what opens the door to growth and healing by RPSV participants as they discover our safe, nonjudgmental, peer-supported facilities.

RPSV offers a myriad of programs and services including one-on-one and peer support groups, referrals to housing and financial assistance, access to free eye exams, employment assistance, and much more.

With program sites conveniently located in Arlington and Fairfax Counties, RPSV is here for you. Your success is our success!

Recovery Program Solutions of Virginia is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation located in Virginia. The mission of Recovery Program Solutions of Virginia (RPSV) is to bring new life and a fresh spark to community mental health and addiction recovery programs.  Our programs are designed to maximize consumer self-determination and recovery, to promote access to treatment, and to assist people with serious mental illness, substance use disorder and subsequent homelessness issues.

We promote a process of change that allows individuals to improve their health and wellness, live a meaningful, self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.

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