About Recovery Program Solutions of Virginia

Jerome Hughes and Lisa Goodwin founded Recovery Program Solutions of Virginia (RPSV) in 2011. The organization was created to meet the unmet needs of adults and seniors with mental health and substance abuse issues in Northern Virginia. RPSV currently serves residents in the Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax/Falls Church, Loudoun County, and Prince William County communities and is actively seeking to expand to other jurisdictions to help even more individuals in need.
RPSV’s direct management of peer-run programs, and other mental health and addiction recovery programs, frees direct-line staff to focus on addressing individual needs. RPSV’s programs maximize participant self-determination; promote access to treatment; and focus on decreasing dependence on psychiatric hospitalizations.
Since its inception, RPSV has helped thousands of adults and seniors receive transformative support to help them reach their full potential. The demographics of those RPSV serves includes adults, ages 18-59, and seniors, ages 60+. Two-thirds of RPSV’s clients are over age 50. Its oldest participant is 83.
RPSV meets those it serves “where they are” and provides them with a safe place to address the issues they are facing. It provides peer support and other key services to help individuals live independently.

What makes RPSV unique

RPSV’s tagline is “we are those we serve”. This is because Individuals who have recovered from their mental illnesses and substance abuse issues staff RPSV. This unique aspect is what opens the door to growth and healing by those served by the organization. When individuals learn that those staffing the centers understand first-hand the challenges they are facing, they thrive in the inclusive, empathetic, nonjudgmental atmosphere.

What makes RPSV so effective

RPSV’s hallmark programs are its peer-run support groups. Peers sharing experiences and encouragement with others who can commiserate provide a special kind of healing as individuals discover they are not alone. RPSV’s support groups are where “magic happens” as participants find they do have a voice despite what they are going through and that they do matter.

RPSV offers a myriad of additional support programs and services, from referrals to housing and financial assistance to access to services such as free eye exams to employment assistance. All of RPSV’s services were designed with the end-user in mind and seek to meet every imaginable need participants face.

RPSV opened its first center, South County Recovery and Drop-In Center, in April 2011, and its second, Arlington Peers Helping Peers in Recovery, in April 2013. Recently added programs include the Consumer Wellness Center, Merrifield Peer Resource Center, and Reston Wellness Center. RPSV also manages contracts for the Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board, Hopewell House for Independent Living, and others.

RPSV Partners

RPSV is proud of its connections in the community who collaborate to help those with mental health and substance abuse issues in Northern Virginia. Some of these include Alcohol Safety Action Program (ASAP); Arlington County Behavioral Health Division; Ayuda Law; Capital Area Food Bank; Coordinated Services Pool; Gateway Group Home; Housing Collaborative Initiative; Hopewell House for Independent Living Bridging Affordability; Fairfax/Falls Church Community Services Board; Fairfax County Detox; Fairfax County Mt. Vernon District Police; the National Council on Aging; New Hope Housing; Northern Virginia Mental Health Institute; Office to Prevent and End Homelessness; Laurie Mitchell Empowerment and Career Center; Lenscrafters; Northern Virginia Legal Services; PRS; St. Anthony of Padua (Falls Church); Washington Nationals; Women’s Commission Group, among others. We thank them all for their support!

Get help now

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