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Remembering to Have a Plan

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Planning is essential to my recovery. Planning entails deciding in advance what will happen. Planning has the amazing benefit of giving you control over your life. Having control over your life is essential to feeling happy and fulfilled. In my experience, planning is so essential to recovery that it is important to always have a plan. While it is tough to always have a plan, I want to show you in this blog post that the complexities of life demand constant planning.

Life can be amazingly complex. Even the everyday routines can benefit from planning with all the small to-dos that need to be considered. Think of a simple day with medication. The medication needs to be at the right time and with a meal. In my experience, planning the routine is essential.

So why constantly plan? Because the everyday events of your life can become more manageable and approachable with everyday planning. Depression is so tough that planning is a coping tool that gives you control back. Our lives can quickly become complex and with planning we can better cope with all the facets in our lives: interviewing, job searching, staying preoccupied, cooking, and the pandemic.

A great example of everyday planning is meal planning. Cooking gives you the opportunity to have a healthy lifestyle. Cooking has the added benefit of being a great stress reliever. Meal planning entails deciding what to eat for the meals in the week prior to the week starting. Sunday is meal planning time, and there are 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 7 snacks, and 7 dinners to decide upon. Meal planning ensures a healthy week and has the added benefit of preparing everything for the week in advance.

Planning gave me the opportunity to tackle all my problems at once. From financial burdens to healthy eating, planning is a versatile and essential tool in your journey through recovery. Make sure to include planning in your recovery to ensure a fulfilling life. A great starting point is to plan out your everyday activities. Start small to ensure that you are not overwhelmed. Good luck with all your planning!

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